Asset Management

Nexus Capital Real Estate, Inc. ("NCRE")

Asset Class(es): Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Philosophy: Combining single family and multi family properties, this fund offers diversified exposure to real estate income in both the residential and commercial real estate sectors.

Offering: NCRE will be available to clients and outside investors on 1/1/2019.

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Nexus Smart Beta Fund ("NSB")

Asset Class(es): US Stocks and Bonds.

Philosophy: NSB seeks to provide the returns of an actively managed quantitative fund with a lower cost, simplified approach. By integrating a beta rotation strategy with a tactical allocation strategy and low risk assets, NSB has designed a portfolio to track a blended benchmark during times of low volatility and outperform during times of increased volatility.

Offering: NSB is expected to be available to investors as of 01/01/2019.